NFB Community Guidelines: What types of remarks are not acceptable in the comment section?

To encourage open and respectful debate, NFB social media platforms offer functions that allow you to post and exchange messages and content, participate in forums, and interact with the NFB and other users.

When you use one of these social platforms to post, upload or make submissions, you must observe the following rules of netiquette:

  • Respect and courtesy are essential in all exchanges.
  • Do not stray off-topic and do not spam content or messaging.
  • Feel free to include as many links to or as you like. However, we limit the number of links to external websites and content to three per publication, and the content must be related to the topic being discussed. The NFB assumes absolutely no responsibility for the content of external websites. The NFB reserves the right to deactivate any external links.
  • Use of uppercase letters, A.K.A. CAPS, for a single word or the entire text, is prohibited. Uppercase is more difficult to read and, on the Internet, it is equivalent to shouting (unless used for acronyms, which is allowed).
  • Advertising, promotion or solicitation for commercial or personal gain/purposes in any form whatsoever is prohibited.
  • Your content will be rejected if it contains any of the following elements:
    • pornographic, vulgar, obscene or sexually explicit content;
    • illegal or illicit material (for example, information that violates a court order);
    • hate speech;
    • indecent content of any type;
    • threats, intimidation, harassment or content that is injurious or defamatory;
    • incitement or encouragement to commit a criminal or illegal act;
    • incitement to violence;
    • attempts to mobilize people for any cause other than an NFB event.
  • Posting of content that is offensive or that could expose a person or group of people to hate or contempt for reasons based on race, origin, colour, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age or physical or mental disability is prohibited.
  • Do not reveal personal information about yourself or others, nor elements of a private conversation.
  • You must be the author and owner of the content you share. You must therefore not post or submit anything, including articles, images, stories, software or other materials, that violate or infringe copyrights, including material that breaches privacy or publicity rights, or that is protected by intellectual property rights, especially a copyright, patent, trade secret, trademark or other proprietary right, or works derived from the foregoing, without first obtaining the permission of the owner or holder of the rights.

The NFB reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to remove a submission or ban a user at any time should they break these rules.

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