Changes to MARC 21 Records

We are currently working on improving the NFB’s MARC 21 records.

Our catalogue will be made available shortly through the OCLC’s Knowledge Base, a global library cooperative .

Thanks to the OCLC’s resources, this change will result in considerable improvements to our MARC files, including:

  • a change to item identifiers, which will allow us to  manage the NFB’s new digital works;
  • the addition of awards won for each film;
  • records are now compliant to RDA cataloguing code (Resource Description and Access) in place since 2013;
  • more regular and frequent updates;
  • access to OCLC’s support service.

How to make it through the transition

  • CAMPUS subscribers who are already OCLC members can easily take advantage of the new and improved MARC 21 records. (Details on OCLC membership available on their website) To access our catalogue, all they will have to do is visit the OCLC Knowledge Base (link to come), which will allow them to find the Provider ID and Collection ID needed to activate the NFB collection in Collections Management. For more information on OCLC features and services, please contact
  • For CAMPUS subscribers who do not subscribe to OCLC services, the files produced by the NFB will remain available for download on and will be updated regularly and automatically. We will therefore no longer publish the differential files every quarter; only the latest update will be displayed. Also, the records will henceforth be RDA compliant.

IMPORTANT: Transition to the new format

CAMPUS subscribers who use MARC records will have to follow a specific procedure in order to ensure compatibility with their current system.

As the new item identifier is incompatible with the old file version, you will have to replace the main identifier from the old system (NFB records) with the new OCLC identifier. We will add a section on how to proceed to our Help Centre shortly, and update the MARC records page on

The old version of the MARC 21 files will remain available on the MARC records page on temporarily, but will no longer be updated.

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