How to take a screenshot with Windows

To take a screenshot, press the “Print Scrn” key on your keyboard. You will find this key at the top left of your keyboard near the “F12” key. When you press that key, the image of your whole screen will be stored in your computer’s memory until you copy another […]

How to take a screenshot with Mac OS

To take a screenshot, press these keys all at once : Command, Shift and 3. This will prompt the computer to save the image of your whole screen in a file on your computer desktop. If you want to take a screenshot of a section of your screen, press these […]

Can I get a refund for a movie I downloaded or rented?

Please click here if you are having technical difficulties with your download; click here if you are having technical difficulties with your rental. Don’t worry, if we are unable to resolve your problem during the rental window period, we may be able to refund your purchase; please contact us.

Why do you have non-NFB films on CAMPUS?

We recognize that the NFB has produced a particularly strong collection of films on the humanities and social sciences, and wanted to expand our offering in other subject areas. By adding new films to our collection, we’re limiting the amount of time educators need to spend searching for media resources […]

What’s new on CAMPUS?

Subscribe to our newsletter for updates on CAMPUS and other tools and useful information that can help you in your daily teaching practice. CAMPUS allows you to create chapters and playlists of content for your classroom. To know how to create a playlist, visit this page: To know how […]

Do I have access to CAMPUS?

You may already have access (click here to check). If you don’t, you can purchase individual access for only $39.95 for Canadian educators, or speak to your media librarian about purchasing a license for your school or school board.

How many films are available on CAMPUS?

There are more than 5,000 films available on and CAMPUS combined. As a CAMPUS member, you can use CAMPUS features (chaptering, playlists, sharing) with films on Over 1,000 films are exclusive to CAMPUS and not available to the general public. These are films that have been selected for […]

Is CAMPUS just for educators?

At the K–12 level, CAMPUS is just for educators. Students gain access to CAMPUS films, playlists or clips via their educators. At the post-secondary level, students get access to CAMPUS through their university library (they have access to the additional films but not the additional features for educators).