What is CAMPUS and what are its benefits?

Established in 2012, CAMPUS is a subscription service that offers expanded online access to NFB educational resources—a collection that includes films, interactive productions and teaching tools. The service allows users to create their own classroom-ready playlists and chapters. Benefits include online access to thousands of educational films, a growing collection […]

When do I need to buy Public Performance Rights?

You need to acquire PPR if you intend to show a film in a non-educational public setting. This includes museums and galleries; health and social service organizations; government ministries and agencies; military organizations; NGOs; Non-Profit organizations; correctional facilities; private businesses and corporations. When selling to these clients, the NFB incorporates PPR […]

What are Public Performance Rights (PPR)?

The term Public Performance Rights (PPR) refers to fees that must be paid in order to show copyrighted films in certain public places. The cost of PPR is often added to the cost of a DVD download or video at the time of purchase. The Public Performance Rights cover the […]

How can I find NFB films to use in the classroom?

A vast selection of our films, as well as a growing number of our interactive and educational productions, are available for educational purposes. To find them easily, simply click on « FILMS » in the left-hand menu. You then will be able to make a selection by title, director, channel, […]

What is NFB Education?

NFB Education refers to the educational productions and services offered by the National Film Board of Canada, a public film producer and distributor founded in 1939. The NFB has earned the trust of generations of educators and teachers, and its productions are now viewed over 14 million times every year […]