Why is the StopMo application not available anymore?

StopMo Studio App has been retired from App Store on August 30, 2021.

When the NFB launched the StopMo Studio app in 2014, we wanted to showcase the incredible art of stop-motion animation. StopMo Studio was one of the first stop-motion animation apps available, and we are honoured that so many talented storytellers chose us to help create their wonderful films.

After seven years we’ve been successful in spreading the love we have for stop-motion animation. It’s been rewarding to know that thousands of students across Canada have used our app to create inspiring stories, and it’s all thanks to the efforts of educators who love art, film and storytelling.

With that in mind, we had to sadly say goodbye to the NFB StopMo Studio app, as it is not compatible with the iOS update, iOS 15, scheduled for release in fall 2021. Downloaded versions of the app will no longer be supported, therefore we highly encourage everyone to download and save their files or films, as all data will effectively be lost after iOS 15.

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