How do I watch NFB films on my Apple TV?

The National Film Board has a free app for the Apple TV where you can stream thousands of our films for free.  

Please note that if you do not have an Apple TV, you will need to verify that your television device is compatible with the Apple TV. You will also need a 4th generation Apple TV or higher to access our app. 

To download the app, simply go on the App Store of the Apple TV and search for “NFB Films”.  

From the search results, select the NFB Films app and click on GET* to download it on your main Apple TV screen. Once you have downloaded the app, you can select it from the main Apple TV screen to access its features.  

From there, you can browse the different sections of our app to find and discover our films. Each film will be accompanied by a detailed page where you will find more information about its content and credits.  

By clicking “WATCH NOW”, you will be able to start the film. 

The control features on your Apple TV remote works the same way for the NFB Films App. Enjoy your film!  

*If you see the OPEN option instead of GET, it means that you already have the app. You can select OPEN to access its main page. 

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