What details to send for troubleshooting Media School issues?

You are having any technical issues with the Media School Digital Storytelling workshop? Your students reported an issue?

To help us understand and resolve the issue, please contact us and include as many of the following details as you can:

  • The teacher or student account email for whom the issue occurred;
  • The class access code (if applicable);
  • The module number, or the title of the lesson in which the issue occurred;
  • A description of the issue (e.g.: the specific feature that didn’t work and what happened);
  • The page adress where the issue occurred;
  • When it happened? (date and time);
  • Was there an error message and if so, what was it?;
  • On what type of device it happened? (e.g.: desktop computer, iPad air tablet);
  • Under what Operating System? (e.g.: Windows 11, Mac OS 11.6.5);
  • What browser was used? (e.g.: Safari, Chrome, Edge, Firefox.);
  • Screenshot of the issue if feasible.

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