How can I access Media School?

Teacher Access

To access the Media School Digital Storytelling workshop as a teacher, you need to sign in with your account affiliated to a CAMPUS subscription. You will then be able to select the “WORKSHOPS” menu on the left navigation pane below the sign-in section.

For more details about the account and the CAMPUS subscription:

How do I create my account?

How do I confirm my account?

How can I tell if my establishment already has a CAMPUS subscription? Check here.

To subscribe to CAMPUS, contact us

You will find more details regarding the Media School Digital Storytelling workshop on the presentation page.

Student Access

To participate in the Media School Digital Storytelling workshop, students must:

  1. Have an account.
    How to create an account;
  2. Obtain a 6-letter access code from an educator to be able to join a class;
  3. Visit and enter the access code

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