Where else are your films available other than NFB.ca?

National Film Board of Canada productions are accessible in every region of the country through Community Screenings, in libraries via programs such as the NFB Film Club, and at special annual events like the Rendez-Vous de la Fracophonie or National Canadian Film Day. These screenings can be organized as in-person […]

Changes to MARC 21 Records

We are currently working on improving the NFB’s MARC 21 records. Our catalogue will be made available shortly through the OCLC’s Knowledge Base, a global library cooperative . Thanks to the OCLC’s resources, this change will result in considerable improvements to our MARC files, including: a change to item identifiers, […]

Privacy notice concerning personal information

All personal information created, collected or retained by the National Film Board of Canada is protected by the Privacy Act. This means that we must inform you of the purposes for which this information is collected and how you can exercise your right of access to this information. If applicable, […]

Why does the NFB produce point-of-view films?

As a public producer and distributor, the NFB has a duty to be part of the great social debates of the day. This is why the NFB produces and co-produces creative audiovisual works that reflect a diverse array of Canadian perspectives. The NFB strongly believes that creative expression can play […]