Why does the NFB produce point-of-view films?

As a public producer and distributor, the NFB has a duty to be part of the great social debates of the day. This is why the NFB produces and co-produces creative audiovisual works that reflect a diverse array of Canadian perspectives. The NFB strongly believes that creative expression can play […]

Why is the NFB online DVD store no longer available?

The National Film Board remains committed to producing and distributing our films on DVD, but in order to continue we’ve had to change the online store location as a result of updated technical requirements. To achieve this, we’ve partnered with McIntyre Media, a trusted and respected Canadian educational distribution company […]

How do I purchase a DVD?

You can place your orders with the following methods: Via Internet: through McIntyre Media Inc. : www.mcintyre.ca Via E-Mail: info@mcintyre.ca Via Phone: toll free at 1-800-565-3036 Via Fax: 519-942-8489