What to do if my photos are not downloading in the NFB StopMo Studio workspace anymore?

In the Apple ecosystem, photos are now stored in the iCloud Photo Library and removed from the iPad Photos app.

  • If the photo file is still present on the device, it is possible to insert the photo in the NFB StopMo Studio application;
  • If the photo file is in the cloud, it will not be inserted because the file is not locally available in the iPad; it is actually only a thumbnail reference image that does not upload to the NFB StopMo Studio workspace.

NFB StopMo Studio is not the only application to be subject to this recent update to iCloud Photos. The changes necessary to correct this situation are unfortunately too expensive and complex to be made effective in the short term.

However, we suggest the following workarounds:

  1. In Settings -> Photos -> turn on Download and Keep Originals;


  1. Before inserting an image, open the Photos application, view the photo and make sure it has been downloaded to the device (a download icon should appear in the bottom-right corner of the screen).

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