Is CAMPUS just for educators?

At the K–12 level, CAMPUS is just for educators. Students gain access to CAMPUS films, playlists or clips via their educators. At the post-secondary level, students get access to CAMPUS through their university library (they have access to the additional films but not the additional features for educators).

Can students create CAMPUS user accounts?

No. Only educators have access to this feature at this time. When educators create playlists for use in the classroom, they are provided with a specific link to the playlist that they can share with their students. This allows the students to watch the teacher’s prepared content from anywhere at […]

Why do I need to create a CAMPUS user account?

Creating a member profile on CAMPUS allows users to access all of the features that are designed specifically for educators and not available to the general public. This includes the ability to create chapters and playlists, explore films and productions, access Learning Bundles, and view pedagogical descriptions. We ask educators […]

How do I create a CAMPUS user account?

Once your subscription has been confirmed, NFB Customer Service will send you an e-mail containing your CAMPUS activation link that must be used in order to create your member profile. Enter this activation link in your browser. Once you have arrived at the “Welcome” page, begin typing the name of […]

How do I find the NFB educator’s guides?

There are three different ways to access our educator’s guides on our site. The first is by selecting the “Education” tab on a CAMPUS film page. This will open the pedagogical evaluation of the film and give you direct access to the PDF of the film’s accompanying educator’s guide. The […]

How can I use Learning Bundles in my classroom?

Please note that only educators with CAMPUS accounts can access the content in our Learning Bundles, our resource tools for educators. Once you find a bundle that contains content you’d like to use, you can incorporate it into your classroom in any way you see fit. Come across a glossary […]

What are Learning Bundles?

Our in-depth learning bundles are filled with NFB films, educator’s guides and partner resources. They’re a fantastic addition to your lesson plan or learning unit. You can search by theme, subject, language, and age level, and pick and choose exactly what you need. Films, clips, guides, articles, images—even sound recordings—are […]